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My gentleman points just went up exponentially.

EDIT. let me say a little something about the purchase.

1. They look cool as fuck. Nothing like having company over and they see your set up and think “damn, this is one cool mu’fcka! He shaves like a boss”

2. Part of my fascination with barbering and the culture. A great barber is more than someone who gives sharp cuts, he’s someone who teaches you how to be a man. He can show you how to shake a man, look a man in the eye, how to treat a woman right, how to treat other men, he passes his life lessons on. He is a very fatherly like fella. This is important because shaving is something your father should teach you how to do. Its a wonderful moment in a young boy’s life when he shaves for the first time. I remember feeling like a was a man! lol Shaving with old school razors is a skill that is dying with all the new expensive fancy (but shit) Mach3s and Gillette’s. Part of that tradition is dying, this is my part in bringing it back. A skill I’ll be able to teach my boy (if I’m blessed with a child).

3. Straight edge razors last a lifetime! I’ll be able to pass this down. It turns a task that is mundane and hated by many men into something you can enjoy. Something that has meaning. A skill. Stories. An opportunity for fathers to bond with their boys.

4. Environmentally friendly & your bank account will thank you! No bullshit in buying expensive cartridges of interchangeable heads for your Gillette or Mach. A modern razor, which most men use, costs about 20 bucks. the money is in the interchangeable heads. Each head is roughly 5 bucks!!! If youre a daily shaver, you go through them quick! It is expensive! With old school razors you invest in a tool and pay literally cents for the blades. Your investment pays off within a few months.

5. you get a closer shave & your skin will thank you! Modern razors all come with multi blades (2,3,4,5) They all function on a pull and hack method. the first blade(s) pull the hair up, and the following blades cut the hair. This is terrible for your skin as it pulls and irritates your hair follicles. This is the main cause of ingrown hairs and razor bumps! Single razors do one thing, glide & cut. Also, the pivots in razor heads allow you to shave with crazy strokes making them time efficient, but terrible for the shave. because the razors aren’t fixed, often times we apply too much pressure which your skin does not take kindly to. closer shaves shouldn’t be because of shaving hard. Not to mention modern shaving creams are all shitty for you too! Especially all those gel aerosol ones (majority). They all have heavy amounts of alcohol which dries out your skin. The last thing you want when shaving is dry skin. Invest in some lather and get a brush and make your own foamy goodness. Not only are old fashion lathers better for your skin, the brush helps lift hair and really work the lather into your skin allowing for a closer shave.

6. yes, its a bit more labor intensive and requires practice and some time, but it is honestly worth it. With practice, it doesn’t take much longer than what you’re already doing!

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    Just lost my shavette virginity, never going back to disposables ever again.
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    Tagliatevi la barba, non le vene. Anzi neanche quella, aggiustatela e basta.
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    Straight Razor Shave My gentleman points just went up exponentially. EDIT. let me say a little something about the...
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